ERU Consultants Pvt Ltd, earlier known, as Educational Resource Unit is a research and consulting group was established in 1996 by Vimala Ramachandran with the objective of working in an interdisciplinary manner on women’s empowerment, elementary and adult education, public health and child development. ERU is the first virtual (electronically networked) research group. We have the capability to work in several states and in different language zones of India, South Asia and Africa!

Strategic planning and programme development has been a running theme in our work and in particular we have focused on policy development, operationalisation of policy by working with government and donors to move from macro policies to concrete programmes and projects.

One of the running themes of all our work is gender and social equity. ERU has done extensive research, documentation and training on women’s empowerment programmes and projects – in government and the non-governmental sector. The ERU team is passionate about girls’ education – right from pre-primary to adult, vocational, life skill and higher education.

Unlike conventional research institutes, the ERU research and documentation team comprises a core team of professionals and a wider pool of independent researchers who come on board for specific assignments / projects. The team is hand picked to suit the specific requirement of every assignment. We bring in people from research institutions when required. We are networked via the Internet and are able to work with researchers across the country and in different languages.

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